Running VST plugins in external hosts

I'm very new to JUCE so I may just be overlooking something, but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to run my VST plugin through a host other than the one provided by JUCE on Mac OSX.  I've been testing primarily with MAX using their vst~ object, but I have also been unable to load it in other programs, such as Ableton and Audacity.  My app is fairly straightforward, all that it does is load a sample from memory and play it when a button is clicked.  When I run it in the plugin host bundled with JUCE, it works just fine.  However, when I try to load it into MAX, I get this error:

SimpleSampler.vst: no format VST exists

I also tried running the default hello world app in MAX and got the same error.  Despite all of this, the JUCE demo plugin will load just fine.  I've tried configuring my project and release settings to match the demo plugin's but that still doesn't fix the error.  I've hit a wall right now and would really appreciate any assistance.  Is there something that I'm missing here or is there a deeper problem at work?

Usually when people post this kind of problem it's because you've built it as 32 or 64 bit and are trying to load it into a host of the opposite type..

You are a lifesaver!  I thought that I had tried that but on further inspection, I had only set the release build to be a universal binary, not the debug build.  It's working totally fine now!