Can't load VST plugin in OS X

The code works in Windows but on Mac it fails. I copied the following lines to the JUCE hello world application and it fails

void* pluginHandle = NULL;

pluginHandle = Process::loadDynamicLibrary( “/Users/ost/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/DelayEditGUI.vst” );

if ( pluginHandle != NULL )
Process::freeDynamicLibrary( pluginHandle );

In JUCE code GetDiskFragment returns -50 (paramErr) which is not very specific. Any idea why, did anybody use JUCE to load plugins?


Yeah, loading VSTs (and libraries in general) is a whole lot more complicated on the Mac, there are several different types.

BTW if you’re trying to do a VST host, my advice would be to avoid it at all costs, it’s a nightmare!

I know I need to support CFM plugs, etc. I am not doing a sequencer host, Iam trying to port my Plugin Consultant to Mac so I need to load the plugins in order to log the VST API. I need to be a host also in my next project but its not for sequencing also.

So I guess I can’t just use JUCE to do it so I will find it somewhere else, but when I do the code will be open source 8)

BTW I got 650 downloads which is more than what I expected for a developer tool so this is good exposure for JUCE although I also got 250 visits coming from the JUCE download page…

This can be a good start for loading plugs (I tested it in audcacity and it worked for both types of plugs)