VST loading on MAC


Hi all,

I am using the audio plugin host from juce 1.45 on Mac OS10.4.11…
When i try to scan for the VST plugins that I have downloaded…nothing of them actually gets loaded up…I debugged and found that a carbon API
CFBundleLoadExecutable(line no. 443 of file VSTPluginInstance.cpp) is failing…This is the first time Im working on a Mac and it is getting really difficult…Could any one please help me with a solution…



Maybe try V1.46?



I tried 1.46 but am facing the same problem…



Interesting. Could you please tell me what plugins these are? I would be interested in fixing this as I also use 1.46 for my projects.
On my system, I can load VST’s, but ofcourse I did not try all existing VST’s :slight_smile:



Finally I got a plugin to work…I think the plugins i tried to load earlier were not compatible in some way…
I just downloaded a vst plugin(“Excitifier”) which worked…

For your info one plugin which did not work earlier was “Amplitude Imposer” which i had downloaded from the location :
Also few more plugins from this location did not work…
Not quite sure of the reason…
May be these plugins are not compatible with OS10.4…

Thanks for all the help…