Carbon support broken with 4.1

Unknown type name 'CarbonDummyPointName'

After upgrading from 3.1.1 to 4.1 today, I get this error en masse (Unknown type name 'CarbonDummyPointName'). Looks like something with the workaround for the clashes of Point and Component definitions has changed. I would suspect an unexpected nesting of includes, but may be completely wrong.

To reproduce, take the Juce Plugin Host example project, make it Universal 32/64 bit, add the following to AppConfig.h and compile for 32 bit (tested on OS X 10.11 with XCode 7.2.1)

#if !__LP64__

As much as I would love to ditch Carbon support, I'm afraid it is still inevitable for a host application to cope with older plug-ins. Especially for VST on OS X. Therefore any hint how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - we'll try this today and get it sorted out..

Should be fixed now, please update to the newest tip.

Thanks! Works like a charm.

I have the exact same problem with JUCE 4.2 but still get the errors

I just updated one of my projects and I am having the same issue. Other projects seem fine (this particular one is a dynamic library).

My bad. It works fine.