[CLOSED] JuceDemoPlugin does not load in JucePluginHost

I have successfully compiled the JucePluginHost and JuceDemoPlugin projects under Linux. However, if I try to load the plugin in the host, it shows an error:

Note that the following files appeared to be plugin files, but failed to load correctly:

There is no additional console output to assist with finding the issue. What could be causing this, or what could I do to find out more information about the problem?

Hmmm just tried this on Ubuntu and seems to work out of the box. Are you sure that the architecture matches (i.e. that both hosts and plug-in are x86 or amd64)? Also, are you running the plug-in on the same machine as where you compiled it? Compiling a release build that runs on other linux distributions can be quite tricky.

Hello fabian, thank you for your reply!

I compiled both the host and the plugin on the same machine, and I am running it on the same machine. It runs Fedora, I will try compiling on Ubuntu today, and I will post the results.

Okay, it appears to work fine on Ubuntu, like you said. The only difference between the installation on Fedora and Ubuntu is that I compiled the Projuicer natively on Ubuntu. This might be the problem, I will try recompiling the Projuicer on Fedora once I have the opportunity. Thank you for your support!

I just checked today, it was indeed the problem.