CMake iOS AUv3 Icon Target Membership not set

Just a small thing i noticed. I’m using ICON_BIG and ICON_SMALL to set the icon. The icon is generated as expected but it does not show up in the simulator or device because the Target Membership is not set for the AUv3 and Standalone target in the XCode project.

Can this be added, so that it selects the icons for all targets by default or do i miss something?

I hope that’s all for a while about CMake. I didn’t upload a CMake generated product to the app store so far, but it looks like it works now. I’m pretty happy with the CMake solution :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to reproduce this issue. To test, I’m adding ICON_BIG and ICON_SMALL to the example project in examples/CMake/AudioPlugin and adding AUv3 to the list of formats. When I open the project in Xcode, I can see the generated Images.xcassets folder, and when I select it I can see that the target membership is set correctly:

I’m using CMake 3.19 and Xcode 12.2. Which versions are you using? If you remove your build folder completely and configure from scratch, is the icon target membership set correctly?

I’m using CMake 3.19.1 and XCode 12.2. I deleted the build folder and still don’t have the Target Membership set.

I’ll let you know if i find out more about it.