Compilation fails with NSModalResponseOK

In reason to that change:

I get that error now compiling on OS X 10.6.8 / GCC 4.2 in both release and debug.

JUCE/modules/juce_gui_basics/native/ error: 'NSModalResponseOK' was not declared in this scope

Shouldn't be NSOKButton for 10.6?

Sigh.. thanks, yes, I'll update that.

You 10.6 guys are going to have to join the modern world at some point soon though! Even if I keep on supporting this kind of thing in juce, Apple are beginning to deprecate old functionality - the "official" way to support 10.6 is to build on the latest OS version, but set it for backwards-compatibility.

So you're saying I can build my plugin with the 10.9 SDK and run it on a 10.6 OS X?

How? My previous attempts weren't fruitful.

Yes - you just set your compatibility level to whatever old version you need to target.


I know that at a point in the futur you'll stop to support "obsolete" systems. Workaround for C++11 and such must be frustrating and hard to maintain. My only wish would be to git tag JUCE accordingly to that.


Yes, I will do! This one was just an oversight, as I no longer have a 10.6 system to test on myself.