Compile JUCE code without JUCE / Organizing project files

actually I am not sure what JUCE exactly is. Is that an application or some system or it’s just nice C++ code library. Why I am asking that? There are two reasons:

  1. I am looking for new job, and I would like to keep my JUCE project in the GitHub, and be able to share my code with potential employer, just as a sample of my skills. But I can’t be sure he has a JUCE. So I wonder if I can organize my project that all necessary juce libraries will be stored together with project files and keep them all together on the GitHub, to give chance to employer to compile my code. Is it possible at all to compile the project without Projucer? And am I allowed by my free Juce licence to do that? What is the best solution in my case.
  2. second reason is less important: I am just curious.

For any help thanks in advance