Uploading to Github - from a noob's perspective! [SOLVED]


So I want to upload something to Github. It will literally be my first upload, and I think my code might be of benefit to some of you.

I have only two files of a console app that contain my code. Main.cpp and NoiseAlgorithms.h. Everything else is JUCE.

Should I just add my two files to a new repository since anyone else who would want to use it would already know how to incorporate it into their existing JUCE project, or should I put a copy of the JUCE library inside (with or without exporters/makefiles, the .jucer file) etc? I’m leaning towards just the two files, but I also just want to know how It’s done in the general coder community.

Any //comment etiquette to add? (I’m thinking along the lines of a license, however all the code used is totally free, I did nothing other than bring it together, and credit is already included)

Anything else to know before I upload?

If it’s a Juce based project, it would be preferable to have the Jucer project included (so people don’t have to separately figure out what Juce modules and settings are needed) and the source files in a Source directory.

Maybe a structure like :


Alternatively you can turn it into a PIP, if you want to put it into one file, but if it might grow, the way Xenakios wrote is perfect.

Additionally, this is my .gitignore default:


Thank you. Uploading and sharing soon!