Compiled vst3 works on my windows 10 pc but not on my teachers

So i just made my first plugin and compiled it to vst3. This all worked and i can load the plugin into ableton on both my home pc (windows 10) and my laptop (also windows 10). But when i sent it to my music teacher for him to check it out he could not get it to work (also windows 10). His ableton does not load the plugin or atleast it is nowhere to be found in his list of plugins. Now i dont have a clue as to why it does work on my pc but not his. I im pretty sure his ableton is configured correctly as he is a professional music producer and he uses vst3 plugins regularly.

All help is welcome!

Did you send him a Release build?


i have never really done anything this advanced with c++ so i have no idea what you mean. I have been learning c++ in uni for about half a year now but we never really got to releasing/building actuall apps. Is the release build a thing in c++ or is it part of juice?

Also, im using clion and cmake for this so i dont really use projucer if i need to use that to make this work.

Also 2, thanks for replying this fast!

edit: i think i got the release thing down? i have just sent the new version of the plugin to my teacher, hope it works!

2 points to check:

  • bitness. Ableton 9 for example had 64 and 32bit versions.
  • linking, I guess you’ve made a dynamic link build so you have dependencies of additional DLLs. You can try set it to static linking and see if it helps

Yep this indicates that your teacher’s machine doesn’t have the C++ runtime installed. You can either get them to install that, or you can switch to using a static runtime in your plugin.

You can do that in the Projucer by going to Exporters > Visual Studio XXXX > Release > Runtime Library and change to “Use static runtime”.

WIth CMake it looks like you’d set the MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY property: MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY — CMake 3.15.7 Documentation