Compiling VST on MacOS

I have problems compiling JUCE projects using the VST SDK on MacOS. I have several errors regarding elements that aren’t recognized as member of the _VST namespace. See below for the message given by the compiler.
I have download the latest version of the VST SDK but it doesn’t change something.
It’s probably something stupid, but I don’t see what.

“error: /Users/pfrancq/MusicDev/JUCE/extras/AudioPluginHost/Source/Filters/FilterGraph.cpp: no member named ‘__search’ in namespace ‘std::__1’” when compiling:
return _VSTD::__search<typename add_lvalue_reference<_BinaryPredicate>::type>
(__first1, __last1, __first2, __last2, __pred,
typename iterator_traits<_ForwardIterator1>::iterator_category(),
typename iterator_traits<_ForwardIterator2>::iterator_category())

_VSTD isn’t a namespace in the VST SDK, it’s a part of the standard library (it’s short for “version std”).

This looks like an ugly template error, is it happening when you just try and build the AudioPluginHost?

also: pro tip, any identifier (namespace/variable/function name, etc) prefixed with _ is reserved for the standard library. Not everyone follows that, but those people are wrong.

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@pfrancq I guess you should read this thread: All projects have errors in the producer but build in Xcode

Thanks for the link. I didn’t see it.