Could not build application

I am a new to use JUCE. I want to develop one desktop application with GUI with audio plugins.
So, i have install JUCE(Personal) for linux, then extract .zip file and use producer. Actually, i am trying to test some basic application, but issue is that i can not build any application means “Build Now” option showing disabled. So, what should be reason behind this issue?. Any requirements to enable build and test application?.

You can also see same in above image.

Kishan Patel.

The Projucer itself is not meant to be an IDE, it’s more a project management tool with a code editor :wink:

As you usually use JUCE to build applications for various systems from the same project sources, you create an appropriate exporter for the each target system and the Projucer will create a Project that you can open in that IDE and build your application trough that IDE.

For Linux you have 3 options with JUCE 5:

  • Makefile. You can build your project from the command line this way but it differs from the other exporters as it doesn’t target any IDE. Only recommended if you primarily develop on a different platform and just need a quick solution to build your project under linux
  • CLion. This is my preferred way, as CLion is a really well working & powerful IDE. Downside: You have to pay for it
  • Code::Blocks. This is an IDE but not comparable to any modern IDE. I’d see this as a fallback solution in case you don’t want to pay for CLion

With JUCE 6 there will be a full CMake support. This means you should still be able to use CLion but also any other IDE that uses CMake as its project file format. Not sure which other options there are, probably VSCode could be an option here.

So if you are just getting started and want an easy start I’d recommend you to download a free trial of CLion so that you can focus on learning to code JUCE applications first without needing to worry about building too much. After your trial period expired, you could decide to stick to it or figure out what other solutions there are. Especially with Linux there are a lot of different options.

And if you still wonder what that build feature inside the Projucer means: This is for the Live Build engine, which is an optional Projucer Plugin. However, using these extended features is something I wouldn’t recommend to you as a beginner :slight_smile:

Thanks for valuable reply.
So, i will try with CLion as per your suggestion.
One more thing i want to confirm that if you see above image, there is a one exporter option(Linux Makefile). So, should option(save and edit) visible?.
And CLion option will be available after installing it. Right?
Please confirm me about “save and edit in IDE” option.

Under Mac OS & Windows you can directly launch Xcode or Visual Studio from there, as there are default locations for that applications. For CLion you can set the path to the application in the Global Paths settings page of the Projucer, however I never tried that under Linux. In all other cases, just go to File->Save Project and the Project files will appear in sub-folder of your Project. You can e.g. invoke the makefile from the command line from there.

It’s availability (e.g. the ability to create a project for CLion or any other IDE) is not dependent on the installation of any of those IDEs on your system. You can even create projects for Apple XCode from your Linux Projucer. To do so, jump to the “Exporters” tab on the left and add an exporter of choice:

Ok, let me test with CLion. And i am attaching one images about global path. I am using JUCE on linux system. So, can you guide me whats othe requirements than CLIon has remaining as per showing image. So, i can set paths and install other reqirement to setup JUCE completely.

Kishan Patel.

Not sure what you are asking for here (probably a language barrier thing :wink: )

So to keep everything simple, let’s leave the Path settings etc. aside and just try the following steps:

  • Make sure you have installed CLion correctly and Open the program by hand (not through the Projucer)
  • Add a LinuxMakefile and a CLion exporter to your Projucer project
  • Hit File->Save Project in the Projucer
  • Switch back to CLion and navigate to the Open Project dialogue (I’m writing on Mac right now so I’m not 100% sure if the dialogue is called Open or Open Project or something else – but I guess you get what I mean)
  • In the File Browser that opens, navigate to the Project folder of your Project, created by the Projucer. Jump to the Builds/CLion subfolder and select the CMakeLists.txt file that you’ll find there. CLion will then open that as a Project.
  • Hit the “Play” button for building & running or the Bug icon for building & running it under the debugger.

Hope that helps you to get started with it all