Crash ARA & Reaper - Align media to detect grid / Import into project: Tempo

ARA plugins crash in Reaper. This is how to reproduce the crash:

  1. Open Reaper (v6.70)
  2. Create a track and load an audio file
  3. Load the JUCE’s ARAPluginDemo
  4. In the plugin window, select “ARA: Align media to detect grid” (see the screenshot)
  5. Crash

I tested it with JUCE 7.0.2 (master) and ARA 2.1.0 (for compatibility). The crash also occurs with my own ARA plugins made with JUCE. You can also encounter a crash if you select “ARA: Import into project: Tempo”. I don’t know if the problem lies in Reaper, ARA, or JUCE but I think it is good to keep a record here. I will notify the ARA dev team and the Reaper team about it.


I tested with JUCE develop (128e980) and ARA SDK 2.2.0 and the problem persists. By the way, here is the crash log: Reaper_Crash-ARA.txt (4.2 KB).

Edit: Tested on macOS 13.0 / M1 and Windows 11 (10.0.22) / Intel i7

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It looks like this could be a bug in REAPER.

The crash happens when REAPER calls ARA::PlugIn::DocumentController::createAudioSourceContentReader(), but no prior call is made to isAudioSourceContentAvailable(), which is mandatory according to the ARA docs.

The demo uses the default implementation of ARADocumentControllerSpecialisation::doIsAudioSourceContentAvailable(), which returns false for all content types, hence the DAW should not make a call to createAudioSourceContentReader().


Thanks for the information. I will update the issue in the Reaper forum.

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I’ve also e-mailed Cockos reporting this.

It also happens with the simplest ARATestPluginVST3 (without JUCE) in the ARA_Examples.

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Can you link to the REAPER forum post please?

Never mind, found it: Crash ARA - Align media to detect grid / Import into project: Tempo - Cockos Incorporated Forums