CSL 6.0 Released on github

CSL 6.0 Released on github

To coincide with the release of JUCE 6.0, CSL 6.0 is now available at its new home on github. To download the full source tree, go to,


and either grab the zipped archive file set or use the shell command,

git clone https://github.com/stpope/CSL6.git

The CSL home page is, http://fastlabinc.com/CSL

As always, RTFM; there is a folder of papers and a complete doxygen cross-reference; see


Watch “The CSL Show” Screencasts on vimeo:


I got it all* running on Windows now…

  • well, the spatializers still have code that the MS compiler rejects; I’ll get to it…

I also added pre-compiled versions of the demo for Mac, Linux and Windows.
Could some generous users test these?
I run Linux andWindows on virtual machines, so I’d love confirmation that it works on native machines…

NEW DEMO (May, 2020) CSL + Siren Integrated (32 min): https://vimeo.com/421319630