Debugging AU plugin (question about the location of the Builds folder)


I have just started using JUCE for the first time. I’m using it with XCode on macOS Catalina. I have a default AU audio plugin built in XCode. I am trying to debug the plugin in Logic Pro X and have also tried the included AudioPluginHost app. The problem is that the only folder that AU plugins are allowed to be in is the default AU plugin path (~Library/Audio/Plugins/Components). But when I debug my plugin in XCode, it by default puts the build in the Builds folder of the Juce project.

So how can I get Logic or AudioPluginHost to be able to see the updated build with it being in the Builds folder? Or is it that I need to target the Components folder directly for the builds?

When you build your component and it ends up in ~Library/Audio/Plugins/Components you can just load it in a host like any other plugin, and attach the XCode debugger to the host.


Thanks for your reply.

What I’m saying is I don’t know how to get it to automatically end up in ~Library/Audio/Plugins/Components. Thus far, every time I build the solution, I have to copy the new component file from the Builds folder of the project and paste it into ~Library/Audio/Plugins/Components, and then re-scan the plugins.

In your Projucer, Exporters, XCode, Debug / Release, there should be an AU binary location where compiled binaries are copied to. You could try forcing that to where you want it to be if it’s not being copied where you want it.

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