Debugging AUv3 Plugin with auvaltool

Quick question: I am trying to debug my AUv3 Plugin (let’s say the JUCE Demo AUv3Synth) by using the auvaltool and setting breakpoints in Xcode.

Adding the auvaltool as the extension schemes executable and passing in the corresponding arguments seems to work and the console outputs the correct auval test of my plugin. But my problem is that it is not hitting any of my breakpoints.

The same process with the AUv2 Demo Plugin of the JUCE library works correctly and hits all breakpoints.

Am I missing something?

It’s really hard to debug AUv3s as the AUv3 will run in it’s own process. I’ve had some success by putting a sleep in the constructor of my plugin and then attaching to the AUv3 process to debug it. :frowning:

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Thanks for your reply, I will look into that!