Debugging Linux CodeBlocks

I have a project which compiles under Windows and Linux.  I uset Git to pull the latest on Friday June 26th, so I am current on the source code.

I cannot get it to link on CodeBlocks for Linux(want to use it for debugging Linux specific issues.)

I am building both the Linux project and the CodeBlocks project on the same Linux machine (Ubunto 14.02 LTS Trusty Tahr)

I get a message saying ld cannot find -lgdi32 l-user32 -lkernel32 -lcomctl32 -lcomdlg32 -limm32 -lole32 and a bunch of others.

I don't understand why using gcc for codeblocks on the same machine as using gcc for the Linux makefile works for Linux, but not for CodeBlocks.

My best guess is that the codeblocks project is generated for windows instead of linux.


How do i fix it (either manually, or preferable a change to the Introjucer to let me specify a CodeBlocks project for Linux or Windows.

I tried uploading the project files after renaming them to .txt but is says it can't upload the file (even though it says .txt files are allowed for upload)

If someone can tell me how to get the site to accept uploads, i can give both project files for comparison





Are you sure you are using the newest Introjucer? When creating a new project you should be presented with two options: "Code::Blocks Windows" and "Code::Blocks Linux".

Maybe you need to re-compile the Introjucer from the git you pulled.

I had the newest code, but i had created the CodeBlocks target prior to updating to the latest JUCE.


Indeed i do now have both options, I just didn't notice.