Using CodeBlocks

EDIT: removed, as had nothing to do with JUCE… have now asked at CodeBlocks forum :oops:

I piped up in another thread Mark - didn’t notice you were dabbling in Codeblocks. I’ve been using it for a while now (xcode is my primary IDE, CB for Linux compiles). If you need help when you come back to this, I’ll look out for your Q.s.


Hi Bruce

Thanks for offering your help :smiley:

I posted my Code::Blocks question at … basically a compile error using one of the demo files from the Steinberg SDK2.4 in Linux that I don’t get with Windows. This was following a beginners tutorial that I found here…

What I am hoping to achieve at the moment is to just get a very basic VST plug compiled and working in both a Win7 and Linux environment that I can use as a template for making some cross platform plugins. I don’t have a Mac at present but will have access in the new year… so ultimately I hope to be able to cover that too.

My initial aim is not the plugins themselves, just a successful cross platform compile/build setup using the same IDE on all. Once I have that, I will get to the plugins themselves! Future use of these plugins is for education (I teach Music at High School) … e.g. a simple compressor but with embedded audio & help to aid students in learning how to use one. Instead of spending hours hoping find a suitable preset from endless lists that all plugins seem to have - they will learn to use their ears :shock: