CodeBlocks Question

Sorry to pipe on about this chaps, but will JUCE work with CodeBlocks on Win10? Thank heavens I got it working on my Linux machine but I’d like it on Windows too. It’s appears I had a VS demo on this machine some years back and before I upgraded to Win 10. I downloaded and ran “Community” and was informed that my demo ran out and it would not play nice. Sickener. So CodeBlocks it is…and I don’t suppose it will run on Qt??

People do use CodeBlocks for juce, but it’s not a platform that we test ourselves, and we rely on the community to tell us when it breaks.

I really would recommend trying to install VS, it’s just a much better experience…

VS is not option if you are using Ubuntu as development environment. CB 16.10 will not work either Linux env. Most IDE issues will go away when JUCE starts to support CMake as build tool.