Designing audio effect plugins book

So I just grabbed this book and started through it. It was very easily understandable until chapter 10 where I am now.

It seems like I came up to the deep end and it dives incredibly deeply into some math that is beyond me. Is this explained better later in the book or is there some math I should be studying first prior to trying to plow into dsp?

I think this was the part where he starts to explain first order feedback functions and started on about e=-jwn etc.

Am I being too cautious and continue to plow through? Just want to make sure if there’s some better backing on math concepts I should have before even trying to dive into what I assume everyone thinks is basic dsp math?

I didn’t read that book thus i don’t know the math involved, but IMHO this free online book is a good resource for an intermediate level < >. This one also < > for an introduction to DSP without too much math. Both are great to get the basic before to read more advanced stuff.

Note that the JOS book about filters < > is not so hard to understand after reading the 2 others above. :grinning:


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