Display Issues on Linux with all JUCE applications

I’ve been working through a basic EQ tutorial on Linux Mint. I can build using CMake and run the plugin Standalone or using AudioPluginHost. However, while any JUCE program is running I start getting display issues across my entire desktop. I took a few screenshots attempting to show what’s going on. The JUCE program tends to launch ok, but a few seconds in multiple programs, even non-JUCE programs will black out at random intervals. I can’t click anywhere or do anything other than move the mouse until it stops occurring for a little while. I am not running audio while this happens.

I have noted that if I use a DAW, in this case Reaper, to load and run this plugin, these issues do not occur.

I’m new to the entire toolset and Linux, so I’m posting to see if anyone could point me in the right direction of what could be going on and where I can keep looking. Thanks in advance, I’m already enjoying the framework and I will be much happier when I figure this out.

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Which version of Juce do you use?

I was using JUCE 7.0.9. I upgraded to 7.0.11 because of the OpenGL compatibility addition I see in .10, and the issue persists.

I’ve seen a few posts on the Mint forums regarding issues with Nvidia hardware and OpenGL settings.

This happened to me(LinuxMint) in juce 7.0.9 while using ‘DemoRunner’. Could not find out the reason though, Cinnamon used to completely crash. Although it did not happen to my applications written in the same version.