Does a limited company, "one man show" qualify for the "Indie" plan?



I have a company and I currently don't employ other people. If I want to purchase a commercial license, should I go for the "Indie" pricing plan? Legally, it's a limited liability company, solely owned by me. I am not a sole trader, yet I currently don't work in a team, hence the confusion in choosing the right plan.

If this is the case (Indie is the right one), I have a question related to this tier - in this announcement (, the plan is described as follows:

The JUCE Indie license will be priced at $49.95 / month or at $999 paid once. It will include deployment on all platforms (desktop and mobile) and access to the Projucer. This offer is strictly reserved to sole traders, i.e. people running a business as individuals. If you work as part of a team, you will need to switch to a Professional license.

But when I select Indie, I get 3 sub-choices: Desktop, Android and iOS. Is the above description just not in action, yet (pending site update or something similar)?





Nikolay Tsenkov

Hi again Nikolay,

Due to the differences in legal statuses across countries and no unique definition of 'sole trader', we consider that companies like yours that are registered as companies are eligible to the Indie plan – as long as they don't employ more than 1 person. 

The upcoming model announced on Feb 2nd (see this post) is not deployed on the website yet, we're still in the process of finalising it. 



I posted this as a separate topic, for better searchability of the 2 issues. I hope that's OK.

Thanks again.




Nikolay Tsenkov