Splash screen + Indie plan

I implemented some JUCE things with my contractor and he liked it but there are doubts about the splash screen and plans.

I see there is code that shows a splash screen but I never made it run on Android. I’m actually using Juce without GUI and controlling Juce through Flutter.

We have doubts about the splash screen. Is there a specific model or can we make one matching colors with our app? Depending on the screen, it wouldn’t fit the app’s design.

If we pay the Indie plan, is there a choice between $800 one time and $40 per month? Or it is $800 and then $40 every month? I don’t understand if they are mutually exclusive, but it looks like yes. Also, the indie plan requires no splash screen, right?

So, if we buy the indie plan, we can simply launch the app on android/ios without any splash screen and any worries?

Perpetual means -

continuing for a long period of time without stopping or being interrupted

You have 2 ways of becoming indie:

  1. pay monthly / subscription = the moment your license is invalid, you should remove your app.

  2. perpetual - once you pay those 800$, your app can stay forever. but…
    If JUCE 7 is a paid upgrade, you’ll need to

    • keep using JUCE 6.x
    • pay up in order to use newer JUCE

So the options are OR. you don’t have to pay both. but each one has pros/cons.

Though, Your first question (about mocking the splash) is a good one :slight_smile: