Drag and Drop Interface Builder

I’ve been reading JUCE documentation and all the UI stuff seems to be based on procedural code. Is there a way to build a UI using drag and drop components, like Apple’s Interface Builder? It would be so much faster and easier than writing dozens of lines of procedural code just to create a slider.

The Projucer has a GuiComponentEditor. But the generated code is clunky and the JUCE team has decided not to continue working on it. It is provided on an “as-is” basis and is now since JUCE-6 only available as “opt-in” via the “Tools” menu IIRC.

If you are used to write UI in JavaScript, then @ncthom (Nick) creates BluePrint. I haven’t used it, because I am not a JS person, but it seems awesome.

I created a WYSWYG editor, that allows to create GUI per drag and drop and style it via CSS schemas and a DOM. It is called PluginGuiMagic.
You can extend it with your own Components, and it has already additional controls like an XY-dragger and visualisations like an oscilloscope and an analyser available.
More details in this thread:

I made a little tutorial on youtube, hopefully I can add more tutorials in the future.