Add new Guy Component - legacy?

When I add new GUI Component it does not give me the option to use Juce’s GUI editor.

Was this feature removed?

My old components work fine though.

Nvm, I have to save it then close it. Then reopen it.

In the Tools menu there is a toggle to re-enable the GUI component editor.

The editor is legacy though and won’t be developed any further.

Thanks for the info.

Will they have an alternative?

Or is it just code from here on out.

I enjoy getting a prototype up extremely fast with that feature.

I don’t think there is an official one.

I created an alternative solution that lets you design the GUI during runtime and you save the GUI description similar to an XML DOM and CSS to be baked in:

Or check out the talk I gave 2 weeks ago on the audioprogrammer meetup:

And a quick start guide on the other Foleys FInest forum:

Maybe you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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O awesome man, Ill give this a build and see how it works. It looks pretty in-depth!

Thanks buddy,

Thanks, give me a shout when you need help, here or on the foleys finest forum or the audioprogrammer discord…