DTK, Big Sur, The Projucer not opening

I have not been able to get the Projucer to run on my DTK running Big Sur. I am building and running the latest code from the develop branch on Github and using Xcode 11.7
When I try to open the resulting app, The Projucer icon bounces a quick moment in the dock, and then disappears. I can then see a process running in the Activity Monitor, but no Projucer opens.
I have contacted the Juce support team and received the following suggestions:

  1. resetting the permissions by running tccutil reset All com.juce.theprojucer from Terminal

  2. deleting the Projucer saved settings file by running rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Projucer/Projucer.settings or removing that file from Finder

It has been suggested that I turn to the forum, since they are not able to reproduce my issue, and have been running the Projucer for weeks on their DTKs with no issue.

Thank you for your help,

I think you need to use XCode 12 beta.

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Thank you. Doing a build and run in Xcode 12 beta, has solved the issue. Didn’t even realize I had the previous version on this DTK. Assumed the Xcode that opened was the most current. Thank you for catching this.