Endless compile in xcode

Hi, new user here.

I’m trying to compile the code for PluginHost, but the compiler gets stuck in an endless compile (well, I cancelled the compile after 20 minutes, by that time, my macbook was starting to heat my house)
Has anybody else encountered this problem? What are normal compile times?


I have encountered this on my mac mini running snow leopard( machine configuration is pretty decent ). It starts compiling and gets stuck at a particular file for a long time. But it compiles after I cancel the build and start it again. Looks more like a problem with Xcode 3.2 because at times it can’t compile simple projects with two or three cpp files.

Haven’t seen this myself, but it does sound like an XCode bug. Probably doing a proper clean and maybe deleting XCode’s temp directory will straighten it out.

you don’t mention if the src/build is all on one machine or spread across a network - I had problems when the Antivirus s/w on host machine (i.e. where the src/build was done, rather than where the compiler was) trapped file access and caused something similar to what you’re seeing…
If you’re not building across a network, perchaps check no files are locked?

well… I had similar problems with compiling juce based project. On MacBookPro with 2GB RAM and with some optimizations turned on and first of all with using juce amalgamated version I got compile times over 40 minutes. Turning optimizations off or using static linked juce solved this issue. But the best solution is to have more RAM in build machine. I checked that in my case it needed about 2.65GB during such build.

Basic MacPro with 6GB is enough :wink:


I have had problems with projects using cocoa too(having 6 files). No idea what is causing the problem I have 3 GB RAM. Distributed build is enabled and none of our machines(macs) have anti-virus installed on them. It looks like Xcode has taken step back after some great improvements on leopard.

What I wanted to say is that running Activity Monitor during build and taking a look at memory can give some advices whether it’s a matter of memory or not…

Will give it a try, when build hangs next time. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen that myself - I’ve got 4GB in my macbook and it compiles in no time.

But something I do need to do is to offer an amalgamated build that’s spread across several cpp files instead of just one. When building for iPhone, the arm compiler completely breaks due to the file size, so needs to be fed in smaller chunks.

Hi Jules,

amalgamated build that’s spread across several cpp files would be greatly appreciated. Not only would the editor like it better (and compiler too), but it would also be easier to browse through it.


If you’re actually trying to browse and work with it, I’d definitely suggest including the template file directly - see the comments in the juce_LibrarySource files in the demo projects.

With a 1 GB Mini Mac on Snow Leopard (and the sources on a USB stick) there’s no chance to finish an AU plugin build using the amalgamated version. Just canceled one after more than five hours… it uses insane amounts of swap memory, the whole system is basically not responsible anymore.

I’m having this problem building my DspFilters demo…and including the template is not an option because I want a single-file solution (or at least, a small number of files). I don’t want my users to have to additionally download Juce.


It seems to be a compiler bug. Try cleaning and re-building, that normally sorts it out.