Executable sizes

Hi all,
I’m new to juce - I’ve been looking for a x-platform GUI toolkit to use with audio plugins. I realise this subjects been touched on quite a lot but I’d much rather use g++/mingw than MS tools, but when I’ve been compiling/linking with the GNU tools (I’m stripping code with -s, and turning off runtime checking, not using quicktime or opengl), the minimum .exe size I’m getting for the demo hello world app is about 1MB.

What I was wondering was, what’s the smallest sized .exe anyone here has managed to compile (for Windows), both with mingw AND Visual C++, and how did you do it? I’m really wanting to compare the two compilers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Don’t forget about UPX too - I always run that on my exes and a simple app usually zips down to about 500-700K. I’ve done juce command line apps that go down to about 200K.

I don’t use mingw much but would expect it to be a bit flabbier.

Cheers Jules,

That makes sense now - I was comparing the un UPXed hello world app with your Juce Demo (which is < 400k ?)… That was presumably UPXed as well?

I guess I’m not too concerned about the compressed size, it’s more the memory footprint when running as a plugin (and will be decompressed anyway).


For note, using VC++ 6 (with a few accessories), tend to be around 460-500kb for more simple programs, upx’d the same programs tend to hover just over 200kb. Memory footprint for that program tends to be a little over 8 megs.