JUCE Application File Size?

I'm in the process of trying to compile the JUCE demo with MinGW.  I'll eventually get there.

In the meantime can someone tell me if JUCE applications have a large or small filesize (typically)?  

I was looking at Fast Light Toolkit at one stage because it has a very small file size. WxWidgets has a large file size?  Just wondering how JUCE compares?  The graphics elements in JUCE are impressive which is why I'm looking at this.  A small fixe size would be an added bonus. 




Just to give you some quick reference point: the Juce Demo application file size (Windows, Release build, built with VS2010) is currently 5565 KB.


Compile with "-ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -Os"

Link with "-Wl,--gc-sections" (or something like this)

Strip everything "strip -S /path/to/binary"


This will actually remove the bloat of C++ at the price insignificant performance drop.

Very small sizes. I have a convolution plugin using the Intel Primitives and currently with some initial EQ-ing. 5.6 Kb (debug, MSVC++ 2010, Win32 at the moment).

Wow it used to be 600kb or 800kb when the JuceDemo.exe could be downloaded directly from the website, it has grown quite a bit !

True, but there's a lot more in the demo since then! If you build without all the modules included, it'd shrink dramatically.

(I also cheated with the old demo exe, and used upx to compress the binary)