Existing commercial licensees

Hello Rolians, congrats on the new release!  I have a few questions:

- Are commercial licenses with Raw Material Software still recognized?  i.e. For a license that extended through JUCE 4.x

- If not, does that mean that a new full license (i.e. not an upgrade) must be purchased?

- The Professional license states that you'll own the JUCE 4 code forever, does this mean that an Indie license terminates at the end of the subscription period?


Are you sure your previous contract can cover up to juce 4.x....? My contract is made a month or so ago. And it only covers to version 3.x. 

I also had experience buying a juce 2.x contract a long time ago. That contract does cover to the next major update, i.e. to 3.x.

I guess I'd have to double check that, I thought the old standard agreement covered the current version and into the next release but I guess it got changed.  Anyway I see that the new license agreements are still with Raw Material Software so I suppose the question wasn't necessary anyway.

Yes, that got changed when ROLI acquired JUCE and the agreement was changed to not include the next version.


Just reviewed my license.

Indeed, it says "any version of the JUCE software, up to and including version 4.x "

So if your license is like mine, it should be inclusive of "Grapefruit" JUCE 4