Files connectivity in AUv3 on iOS?

I was given to understand that we don’t have access to Files from within an AUv3, but someone just told me the following on Twitter:

@fabian, would you care to comment? Is this something that is in the Dev branch that I don’t see? Or is there some set of magic words that allow a Files browse from within an AUv3? This would really improve my day if it was the case.

EDIT: It looks like Beathawk can do this too.

Ah. I see the commit.


Yeah it doesn’t seem to be needed after all. Not sure why JUCE used to be checking for this privilege. It seems to be working without it as well.

I’ve also just pushed a commit which makes the native file choosers work when more than one instance of the AUv3 is loaded. However, for this to work you need to specify the editor as the last parameter to the FileChooser’s constructor. Otherwise, JUCE will now assert.

The commit will appear on develop shortly.

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Fucking legend. This seriously made my week.

After some experimentation, it seems that all the previous restrictions still apply (i.e. the AUv3 has its own Documents folder, and the normal file commands still work only within the AUv3’s sandbox.)

So the only way to load content outside the sandbox (or the parent app’s resource bundle) is to trigger the native browser? This is fine, of course; I just want to make sure it’s the case, as it will affect how we do presets going forward. Currently I’m using the Security Group’s dedicated folder so both the AUv3 and Standalone can work from the same pool, and I’ve provided an “Import” command to copy the contents of the shared docs folder to the Security Group so the user can import non-factory content, but obviously doing all the presets in the main Documents would, in the patois of our company, Increase Shareholder Value. So I just want to make sure that’s still the only game in town.