Did something happen to text rendering behaviour recently (or not so recently perhaps).

I’m building my app for linux (it’s been a few months since I last bought the linux version up to parity with the windows version) and the font rendering looks really weird.

Where text used to look basically like the windows version, now it looks kind of ghosted out. If I had to guess, I’d say it was trying to render thinner strokes by upping the alpha to the point of near illegibility.

No-one else has said anything about this, so I’d have to assume it’s on my end, but then this is a VM linux install that only gets booted once every month or so, and never altered in anyway other than JUCE updates.


and even more weirdly, the compiled app looks normal on other machines.

Something bizarre with VMWare Fusion, or X is doing something honking odd when talking to my monitor, I guess…

Bizarre. Can’t really imagine what’s going on. Is there a global freetype setting somewhere that might be different?