[FR] Add a virtual method AudioProcessor::getPropertiesFilePath()

Your Standalone implementation places the settings file in the root of the Application Support folder on MacOS…

Could you please add a method to AudioProcessor which the Standalone app can use to ask where to place the settings file?

virtual String getPropertiesFilePath() const { return {}; }

or something like that?

I doubt anyone would want it placed in the default location as it is now.



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Yeah sounds like a good idea. While I am at it, what would be a better default?

On MacOS:

~Library/Application Support/{Company Name}/{Product Name}/Settings

On Windows:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\{Company Name}\{Product Name}\Settings

Looking at another product on the market which uses JUCE Standalone… they use the the name:

{Product Name}.devicestate

for their Standalone settings file (in the same path as I suggest).