FR: AudioPluginHost can discard plugins on load

say you have a really crowded vst3 folder because all of your crappy unfinished builds go into it all the time and it also contains all the other plugins you own ofc. you try to load the folder and it trys to open each plugin, which will yield some weird errors at some point if any of the plugins have errors in that folder. it would be annoying to track the plugins down and delete them from the folder obviously. that’s why all DAWs blacklist such plugins and let the user carry on rather than crashing. if i now wanted this to work i’d have to go to the projucer and select a subfolder of vst3 where i’d put my test plugins into, then tell the AudioPluginHost that this is my folder to load from, rather than the whole vst3 folder. but then i’d have to remember manually selecting that folder in the projucer for each new project.

alternatively to this proposed feature i could imagine that it would be cool to have a feature in the AudioPluginHost to manually select a single plugin that one wants to load into the plugin list. then we could just not load all the plugins together, but just the ones we want to debug and test with and it would be alright.

alternative 2 (maybe even the best one) would be to update the projucer itself to let the user make their own project presets, rather than always having to start with the plugin-preset that is provided by juce. this would probably be a more involved FR but totally worth it because it would also make more people use the projucer again rather than having to learn cmake. the projucer is a good application and you should stick to it! it would be a solution to this problem because then we could set up the projucer to always make a subfolder for the current plugin in the vst3-folder.