FR - binary date recompiles

Would it be possible for the IJ to only recreate BinaryData.cp if BinaryData.h is unchanged? Right now, any binary change requires a complete recompile (since everything includes it).

Darn - as I write I realize it's the size member that's in the .h that causes that. Maybe a way to declare the size in the cpp file?



Yeah... Could be done like that, I guess, but that could break people's code if they've used the sizes as constants for e.g. setting an array size. (..which is an unlikely use-case, I guess..)

It would be great. Rebuilding the whole codebase for a trivial change in a shader is a grind.


PS - Looking forward to SF meetup - I hope you're planning to come over!



Interestingly, I just tried this, but couldn't make it work because of compiler problems.. Both LLVM and MSVC failed to get it right when the ints were declared in the cpp file - despite being inside the correct namespace, both compilers optimised-away the constant and gave a link error! Sorry!

Maybe a better FR is multiple Binary Data chunks? 

The goal is to have some files - XML, shader code etc available to the main code. Some sort of 'include as binary' flag would work for resources, I suppose. Maybe a small .h could be created for each resource, so they can be optionally included?

What is everyone else doing?  Only Mac lets you bundle non code files, afaict.