Free monophonic guitar to midi vst (Windows/Linux)

Hey folks, I’ve been sitting on this for a while; but I decided to finally take some time to organize everything and share. The vst3 is called Scribe.

I was hoping to dethrone MidiGuitar by JamOrigin, but I didn’t quite get there. In any case, the vst has been working pretty well for me, and hopefully it’ll be the same for anyone who gives it a shot.

It works similarly to all the other midi conversion VSTs. In your daw of choice, if you record midi output on a track, Scribe will produce midi. If you record audio, Scribe will send midi to whatever VSTi is after it.

The only real notable issue is that some of the bassier notes oscillate a bit too much, but tuning your low E string up or down a hair should take care of this.

If you run into anything besides that, let me know. I haven’t had any crashes with the most recent build, but if the gui crashes, try the guiless version.