Generic Component in Projucer questions

#define hoop
Ok, so, I have a test project were all the code I am using are from the tutorial examples. The one I specifically interested in is the Handling Midi Events tutorial. If you look at that code, it is pretty much self contained in a header file. All good and dandy…

I am able to create a new project with ProJucer and set up set up several GUI components with various edit fields, etc.

Gui1, Gui2, etc…

On Gui2 component I added a generic component and successfully was able to connect that to Gui1 with the “class” property of the generic component.

So, when compiled, Gui1 draws itself in the place of the generic component. Which is kind of what I need, a place holder for a sub component with the midi keyboard and combo boxes, etc.

So, I just copied the class from the tutorial into Gui1 and renamed stuff to remove conflicts, etc. (changed the component name from MainContentComponent to MidiKeySouce)

Everything worked till it tried to create the tutorial … I think it is a scope issue, but, not sure how to fix it.

#end hoop

What I would really like and I would not have to do any of this, is be able to add the midi keyboard as a widget to ProJucer, if that is possible.

Just do it in code. The Projucer GUI designer is deprecated now.

ok, thanks.

Also, as a side note, I stopped using the GUI designer and the code it produces, but, found that it is still useful just for getting XY screen lay out coordinates. So, in Projucer, I have one temporary GUI component were I drop whatever down, then just copy the positions for the real component. In Projucer, I just disabled the compile flag for the designer…

maybe this would help others as well…