Glass buttons

My buttons seem to be missing the ‘glassy’ look I see in the demo.

I am guessing I don’t have some support files or graphics in the right place. Any tips?

addAndMakeVisible (saveQuitButton = new TextButton (T(“saveQuitButton”)));
saveQuitButton->setButtonText (T(“Update Setup & Quit”));
saveQuitButton->addButtonListener (this);
saveQuitButton->setBackgroundColours (Colour (0xfffff8bb), Colour (0xffffd844));


Look through the demo source for ShinyLookAndFeel.

Okay, that worked. But now my the background of my drop down boxes have gone all odd. The background is now black.

Can I set them to a specific color or just white and if so how.


Got it fixed. The ‘if’ compare is required to make it all work properly

static ShinyLookAndFeel* shinyLook = 0;
if (shinyLook == 0)
shinyLook = new ShinyLookAndFeel();
LookAndFeel::setDefaultLookAndFeel (shinyLook);