Having project name to .cpp/.h files

hello all,


first post here. plus first time messing with JUCE. fancy making some plugins and the such, so feel this is the way to go ;)

have an idea regarding the introjucer, for when a new file is created.


how about that when you create your project, it actually names the .cpp and .h files with the project name, or have an option to call them something else other than maincomponent.cpp/h


i just feel this would simplify things in terms of searching for other files if and when you need to. rather than if you search for your project, you can just search for .cpp and .h files.


just a thought

all the best

hmm, maybe.. but TBH in any non-trivial project you'll be renaming and creating lots of files anyway, and I doubt if there's any naming scheme that would actually be able to guess what these things should really be called.