Header file only changes not compiled XCode

Is it only me? I suspect it has with the plugin project structure, but often when I change headers, especially templates, and I press run, then changes are not present in the binary, I have to rebuild the whole project.

That was frequently reported for XCode 10, which moved most devs to downgrade:

I haven’t tried personally, but I rather stayed with XCode 9.4.1

Does that help?


The newest Projucer, on develop (not sure about master) automatically enables the legacy build system. I’ve been using Xcode 10 to build JUCE projects with no problems for a few weeks now.

I’d recommend checking out the latest version of the JUCE develop branch, rebuilding the Projucer, and then re-exporting your project files.


mmh I already used the latest producer from develop and re-saved
the project, not sure why the setting doesn’t show up automatically, I will check this !