User modules not rebuilding on change in Xcode 10


I haven’t looked deeply into this yet, but it seems like since upgrading to Xcode 10, my user (JUCE) modules are not getting recompiled when changes are made.

The steps to reproduce in my project would be:

  • Make a change in a module used by my project (e.g. DBG() statement)
  • Build and Run


  • The project is re-compiled taking into account the changed files


  • The previous build runs

In order force a rebuild I have to do a complete clean first, which is time consuming.

I can’t reproduce this for modules within JUCE itself, only with my own module. I didn’t experience this with Xcode 9.

Can anyone else reproduce this?


Xcode 10 feedback

I can confirm your findings using Xcode 10 beta 6.

Whoa. Not good.