Header search paths broken in Xcode

Xcode 5.0.2 doesn't seem to like header search paths which look like this:

HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS = (something, artichoke, guacamole);

What does work is:

HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS = ("something", "artichoke", "guacamole");


Changing this line in XCodeProjectExporter::getHeaderSearchPaths:

else if (s.containsAnyOf ("${}()@&~+-=<>\t;\r\n"))



Seems to solve it.


The issue can be reproduced with projects using a header search path that does not contains a `$` sign or one of the other operators which currently cause Introjucer to put quotes on the path.

Ah - interesting. I guess it was working fine if the path began with ".." because all my projects were ok. Have updated that now!