Hide a plugin from the plugin


Im using Nuendo on MAC OSX. 
In the Host, there is a way to Hide the whole plugin GUI, now I want to know, if I can hide the whole GUI/Editor directly via a button click in my GUI. 


Probably not the correct way to do this, but I would try:

making an function inside PluginEditor that uses these kind of Slider functions:


setting the GUI Size to 0,0 and try from there..


If you mean that you want to make the entire host window disappear (i.e. not just to hide something inside your own GUI), then no, that's impossible.

You can make your GUI go blank, or you can resize it (though I strongly recommend NOT to set its size to (0, 0) which will probably crash many hosts). But the host owns its parent window, and the plugin can't control it.

I was afraid that this does not work, because its the hosts window. 
I hoped this will work, to solve this old MAC problem with the crashing host while unloading a plugin... So I have to try other stuff... :)