How do I manage my juce subscription?


How do I manage my juce subscription? I stopped getting receipts as of June, I think because my credit card number changed. How do I change my credit card / check on my subscription / tell if my payments are up to date? Support wasn’t very helpful, I just got sent a PDF invoice – how do I pay it / know if it’s been paid?

I assume my subscription isn’t active because I can no longer disable splash screen in Projucer.


I was told this back in January, in a reply from :

"Hi Dave,

We are currently working on an update to allow users to change and update their details online.

However until then we update all new cards over the phone.

We are available to contact you between 9am-6pm GMT Monday-Friday please do let me know when suits you best.

Best wishes,


I think in the end I just did a new subscription using the same email address. But it’s probably best to see what they say first.