Payment Options

I just went through the JUCE license checkout process, because I am thinking about purchasing a license in the near future.

But I realized, that I need a credit card. I do not have a credit card. Before it was possible to pay by bank transfer, if I remember correctly. Is that still possible? Or could you add other payment options, such as PayPal?

Sure, we take PayPal or wire transfers - email us for more info

Sadly no, you guys don’t. :frowning:

"Hi William,

Sorry, but we don’t support PayPal as a payment provider.

Kind regards,

Tom | JUCE Support Agent"

And this is TERRIBLE, really. First such a short message, no explanation. PayPal is the most used payment processing tool EVER. I don’t get it. I have a Credit-Card, multiple CCs actually. But the problem is that I get paid in USD, them it gets converted to my local currency, transfered to my bank account, them I go and pay with my CC in USD and all this adds up to a lot of fees.

Very UNHAPPY, sorry…

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For the past few years we’ve been using Stripe exclusively to handle all payments for JUCE. There’s one account and everything goes through it. That’s where subscription models and payment plans live, as well as all the different types of legacy billing schemes. It’s also tied fairly tightly to the licensing schemes. On top of that it’s coupled with our backend reporting and accounting software.

I’m sorry if you felt the response from the support team was too short, but it’s hard to pad out a response that’s any longer. I’m doing my best here(!) but I’m not really adding anything meaningful. The only relevant bit of information is that we don’t have PayPal configured as a payment provider, so we cannot accept Paypal payments. Clearly there is some value in being able to do this, but adding support for it will be a very time consuming task, and I can’t remember any other requests to add it.

I guess is more of a foreign thing, for me it would be very important, specially if I would purchase the $ 700 USD one-time fee. Anyway, thanks. I’m just having a bad day here… :frowning:

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+1 for PayPal option, for the similar reasons: having to shuttle money around from PayPal to Bank (charged a fee), then pay in USD (charged another fee)

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Sadly my last credit-card was canceled and the new one won’t work. Says the security code is incorrect, and it is not, I double checked, triple checked. :frowning: now what? I no longer have a license to work.

And I have been using this new card in real-life and on the net for weeks, so it’s a good card, it works.

ANNNDD, worse. Now I saw my credit-card and there are two $ 5.5 USD charges to it. WTF!!!

Edit: If I had to guess it’s some sort of security problem with swipe credit. As I’m from south-america. :frowning: