Purchasing questions

I just went to start the purchase process to buy two licenses for my company.

  1. There didn’t seem to be a way to change the quantity from 1 to 2 — do I have to do the complete purchase twice?

  2. JUCE (well, ROLI) is a UK company. I’m in the US. Why am I being charged tax?

Hi there,

We will roll out in the coming weeks a website update to allow to purchase multiple licenses. In the meantime, you can either go through the process twice or send me an e-mail (jb@juce.com) and I’ll send you a link to pay for the 2 licenses. Apologies for the tedious process.

With regards to taxes, you won’t be charged any, once you’ve entered the country information.


Thanks Thanks (Your system wouldn’t let me write it once — too short!)

Tried to buy it today and got a message that my card was declined. I am certain that there is nothing wrong with my American Express Card. How do I fix this?

Could you please contact sales@juce.com directly to solve this?

That’s weeks ago — we figured out the problem and have since purchased it.

But I appreciate your following up.

David H. Jameson, Ph.D.

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