Still about invoices plus serious issue after company info changes


Hi guys,
we are still asking for valid invoices (and not receipts) to be sent for monthly payments without having any satisfactory answer. The best I got was to get an invoice once after I opened a ticked. I don’t want to find I need to open a ticked each month for something that should be straightforward. It would be also better to have the invoice paid in EU, instead of USD, if invoiced to a company established in the EU.

Furthermore, I asked to change our company information and payment details. It has been done, but looks like we basically lost the license since you made that change. The latest reply we got from the ticket we opened was that the change has been done and payments would have been collected each month. That’s not what happened. We didn’t received any kind of communication to the new email address, no any charge for our monthly subscription.



Please send an email to with your query and someone from the support team will be able to help you.


Thanks Ed. I re-opened the ticked in the same moment I posted here and didn’t got any reply yet.


OK, I’ll make sure that it gets looked at ASAP.


Dear JUCE Team,

We’re encountering the same issue now in the second month.
Only after contacting last month we got a correct bill as requested by the tax authorities.
This month we had to ask again to get the same thing and haven’t got a human answer yet, although we need the document definitely by end of this month.
Please establish a process that provides your paying customers with valid receipts without asking regulary.

Thanks for your support.


OK, I’ve made sure our accounts team are aware of this.


jules, you guys do a great development job, but your sales team really failes to deliver!

We still haven’t got an answer to our request to get a correct bill.
Last month we got it after asking but this month we haven’t received anything after numerous days and several emails to and!
Honestly, I would expect to get it automatically in time.
Well, that this is not really a customer friendly approach.