Receipt/Invoice not valid

I’ve requested this a couple of times in the past year but I get ignored when sending mails to
I don’t know how you handle taxes in the UK but in Austria your receipts are not valid since they lack a billing address. Am I the only one who needs this?

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We suffer from the same problem. I can offer my help to create a tool that pulls data from a database and then creates a PDF programmatically. I actually have that lying around for when we create credit-notes to various parties every month.

Only “drawback” is that it’s written in PHP, but installation of that is extremely easy (it’s just one ZIP file that needs to extracted somewhere) and it can even be used on the command-line (no server required).

Instead of reading from a database, it could easily be configured to read from a CSV, XML, YAML or JSON file.

Let’s get this one solved once and for all.

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