Can invoice sending be automated for the monthly subscription plans?


I am subscribed to the monthly Indie plan.

Every month I get a receipt, but I need an invoice for my accounting, instead.

So this is the 3rd month I am asking for this invoice and every time I ask if this can be automated somehow (instead of me having to always talk to the Support/Sales/Fin team, I am hoping that it can automatically land in my mailbox), but I always get the promise I wouldn’t have to do this anymore, only to find I haven’t received it come accounting time of the next month.

@jb1 Any chance you can look into this? Thanks.

Nikolay Tsenkov

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Hi Nicolay,

We’re looking into it as a matter of priority and I’ve flagged your request to our accounting team. I can’t give you an ETA as to when this will be available but rest assured this is a top priority for us.

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Aaand #4 - got the receipt few days ago, but no invoice, yet. :frowning:

Don’t know if it was because of my previous post or just a coincidence, but I got the invoice now. Until next month, I guess… :expressionless:


  • The invoice actually has something wrong in it, too (it’s addressed to me personally, instead of my company).

6th month in a roll I have to write emails to get my invoice and I am sure for the 6th time, someone will assure me it’s the last one…

This is getting beyond ridiculous…

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you get your invoices?

I hope @jules will take a peek at what’s going on with the recurring billing system, so we can figure out (and resolve) why a simple task like invoice e-mailing can’t be automated?

Just linking the two threads together:

Thanks @daniel. I admit I didn’t think of searching the forum first, simply because I’ve been told “next month everything will be fine” 5 times already. I wasn’t aware it’s something that isn’t implemented at all…

Yes, sounds strange.
And also just another announcement that it is being worked on, doesn’t resolve the issue…

I’m still recording the receipts as Raw Material Software, since my contract has been made during the switch between the old and new company. Is the old company still on for invoicing or should I record them as ROLI instead?

We also need proper invoices, and it should be an automated thing.

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nothing yet? I still receiving those stripe receipt that aren’t suitable for proper accounting.

We also need proper invoices.
Also, my receipt says the unitprice is 0.01$ and the quantity is 7000. (for 2 Indie-licenses)

Same here, this surprised me a little. I’ve contacted support about several issues regarding my purchase today. I hope this gets improved in the future.

same here, requested this a couple of times…

I requested it last week, and today I received response that they will be sending me an invoice every last day of the month. I guess all you have to do is ask… :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath. We got promised the same thing two years ago…

After multiple requests we have finally got invoices “automated” for a while…until last month.
I’ve asked for it again, but this will be my last request.

Happy to report they’re (manually) sending me invoices every month now without me needing to give them a ping. Thanks guys!

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