How do you ensure VST/AU is registered as a new plugin?


I am going to update a plugin to version 2 which will not be compatible with version 1 presets. How do I ensure the DAWs see it as a new separate plugin? What do I have to change about my JUCE project?


Change one or both: JucePlugin_ManufacturerCode and JucePlugin_PluginCode



Is that really all? I feel like there might be a few other variables like file name must be different and something else that is not so obvious.


well if you want the old and new to both be able to be installed at the same time then change the name of the binary as well… but if you change either of those two above it’ll be considered a different plugin (which is what you asked).

You can also check out the JUCE PluginDescription class to see how JUCE differentiates. Different hosts may use different combinations of the three.





Something you can think about is having a separate file extension for the new presets (NI did this with Massive presets a few years ago), and have a method to load/convert old presets to the new ones if possible.


yep i want to do that. Will do that eventually.


For what it’s worth IIRC WaveLab uses the file name to determine the plugin not any ID’s (doh!) so you will also need to change the filename. I would suggest on mac to make the bundle id different, if you do all this by just differing the project name in the jucer file plus change the plugin code I suspect you will be safe.